RUI Damascus Gen3 "Copper" "Silver" "Titanium" FREE SHIPPING

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Blade Material: RUI SUPER III (Damascus Pattern Welded Steel) (61HRC)

Handle Material: G10+Stabilized Birch Wood + Titanium/Copper Fitting

RUI Damascus Gen3 "Copper" : MATT Copper Fitting

RUI Damascus Gen3 "Silver": Brushed Titanium Fitting

RUI Damascus Gen3 "Titanium" Tempered Titanium Fitting 

Weight: 210g

Length Full: 330mm

Blade Length: 210mm

Thickness: 2mm to 0.3mm

Height: 60mm

This is our brand new series of RUI DAMASCUS, Japanese knives are definitely the best quality knives you could find in the market but always marked with a high price tag. As RUI we want to provide out customers with the best quality knives we can craft but with a affordable price. Different types of fitting shows different types of personality, Copper=Loyal&Passionate, "Silver"=Bright&Flawless. Titanium= Mysterious FUIYOH

Style: Silver