HSS Santoku 'Onyx' Black G10 Handle FREE SHPPING

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Full Length: 285 mm

Blade Tall: 50 mm

Bevel Length: 180 mm

Blade Thickness: 2 mm

Weight: 215 g

Bevel Style: 20/80, sharpening outer edge 15°, inner edge 12°

Material: High Speed Steel Blade (67 HRC), G10 handle, Stainless Steel Rivet

Made by Gao, designed by Raythesharpener



Each of our RUI knife is hand made, meaning there might be slight imperfection 

DO NOT PURCHASE if this affect you.

High Speed Steel is not stainless, will discolor when cutting certain food which is normal for non stainless knives, to prevent this use RUI OIL 

Wipe completely dry after use, and store in a dry place