PRO EDGE+ Angle Adjustable Knife Sharpener, Designed by Raythesharpener

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  • ✓ ADJUSTABLE SHARPENING ANGLE -- Sharpen all of your knives with a single sharpener. Western style and Asian style knives are both OK. Adjust between 14-24 degrees of sharpening.
  • ✓ HIGH DENSITY ABS PLASTIC -- Durable and shaped for maximum control and safety while sharpening.
  • ✓ Tungsten & CERAMIC SHARPENING TIPS -- Sharpen using long life materials that won’t dull your knife over time.
  • ✓ STURDY HANDLE & UNDERSIDE GRIPS -- Non-slip rubber grips improve stability during sharpening. The handle is contoured to allow for a comfortable yet sturdy grip.
  •  Upgraded first sharpening slot with more tungsten percentage 
  • UPGRADED additional diamond slot for even finer transition into the ceramic slot
  • UPGRADED diamond scissors slot
  • UPGRADED angle knob 
  • UPGRADED slots gauge with guides to ensure knife stays perpendicular