RUi High End White corundum Whetstone (Spray to GO) Sharpen UP to 70 HRC

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Material: White corundum

In 400#, 1000# and 5000# (Grits)

400 grit is used when re profiling an knife as well as removing chips.

1000 grit is used to create apex of the edge in other words makes the knife sharp.

5000 grit is used to create mirror fishing as well as increase of sharpness for harder knives (58 HRC +)

Home Use: 400+1000

Professional Use/ Commercial Kitchen: All 3

All stones comes with a rubber base for stability but an actual stone holder is much more recommended for stability and elevation from benchtops.

This set of Stones are all spray to go due to high density, but still recommended to soak for 1-2 mins for ultra performance.

Do not Soak in water overnight, will decrease the hardness of the stone.

Size: 400#