RUI Damascus Gen3 Petty/Utility "Copper" "Silver" "Titanium" FREE SHIPPING

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Blade Material: RUI SUPER III (Damascus Pattern Welded Steel) (61HRC)

Handle Material: G10+Stabilized Birch Wood + Titanium/Copper Fitting

Total Length: 24.5cm

Blade length: 13 cm

RUI Damascus Gen3 "Copper" : MATT Copper Fitting

RUI Damascus Gen3 "Silver": Brushed Titanium Fitting

RUI Damascus Gen3 "Titanium" Tempered Titanium Fitting 


This is our brand new series of RUI DAMASCUS, Japanese knives are definitely the best quality knives you could find in the market but always marked with a high price tag. As RUI we want to provide out customers with the best quality knives we can craft but with a affordable price. Different types of fitting shows different types of personality, Copper=Loyal&Passionate, "Silver"=Bright&Flawless. Titanium= Mysterious FUIYOH

Style: Copper